Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile

6 Tests | Rs 9900 | Blood Tests Only | Fasting Not Needed
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Amphiphysin ANNA-1 / Hu ANNA-2 / Ri CV2 PCA-1 / Yo PNMA2 (Ma2 / Ta)
  1. Amphiphysin (1)
    1. Amphiphysin
  2. ANNA-1 / Hu (1)
    1. ANNA-1 / Hu
  3. ANNA-2 / Ri (1)
    1. ANNA-2 / Ri
  4. CV2 (1)
    1. CV2
  5. PCA-1 / Yo (1)
    1. PCA-1 / Yo
  6. PNMA2 (Ma2 / Ta) (1)
    1. PNMA2 (Ma2 / Ta)

Welcome to the Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile!

Are you experiencing neurological symptoms that could be associated with paraneoplastic syndromes? The Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile is an advanced diagnostic test specifically designed to detect antibodies associated with paraneoplastic neurological disorders. With 6 crucial tests, this profile aims to identify potential underlying causes of neurological symptoms and aid in early detection and management. Powered by Redcliffelab, renowned for its accurate and reliable diagnostic services, the Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile offers valuable insights to optimize your neurological health.

Why Choose the Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile? Paraneoplastic neurological disorders are rare, immune-mediated conditions that can occur in association with certain cancers. Identifying specific antibodies related to these disorders is crucial for early diagnosis and appropriate management. The Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile is tailored to detect antibodies that may be associated with paraneoplastic syndromes, providing critical information for timely intervention and treatment.

Pricing and Fasting Requirements: The Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile is priced at Rs 9900, making it a valuable investment for individuals with suspected paraneoplastic neurological disorders. No fasting is required for this test, allowing you to conveniently schedule your diagnostic assessment without any dietary restrictions.

How It Works:

  1. Convenient Booking: Schedule an appointment at your nearest Redcliffelab center or easily book online through our user-friendly website.
  2. Sample Collection: Our experienced phlebotomists will collect a blood sample to analyze the presence of specific antibodies related to paraneoplastic neurological disorders.
  3. Swift Results: Receive your comprehensive report without any delay.


Take charge of your neurological health and gain valuable insights into potential paraneoplastic neurological disorders with the Neuronal (Paraneoplastic) Antibody Profile. Book your tests now and empower yourself with knowledge about your health through Redcliffelab’s advanced diagnostic services. Early detection and management can make a significant difference in optimizing your neurological well-being.