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Price @ 300/- Only | Non Fasting | Sample Type: Serum

About Serum Zinc Test

  • The Serum Zinc Test measures the total amount of Zinc inside the serum/plasma or Urine. Zinc is a vital element which has important functions in the entire human body. The importance of Zinc is for enzyme function, protein synthesis etc. It also plays a structural role in proteins and nucleic acids.
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Why To Get Tested For The Serum Zinc Test?

The Serum Zinc Test measures the exact amount of zinc contained in the blood (serum/plasma). With the help of this test, one can identify or diagnose the deficiency or can monitor response to supplementation.

When To Get Tested For The Serum Zinc Test?

When a person has symptoms that may suggest zinc deficiency for example hair loss, poor wound healing etc.

What Is The Sample Required For The Serum Zinc Test?

The Serum Zinc test requires a sample of blood (serum) which is drawn from a vein in the arm.

Is There Any Special Preparation or Fasting Required Before Going For The Zinc Blood Test?

No special preparation is required for the Serum Zinc Test. On need not to go for fasting before the sample collection for the test.

Need Any Assistance Regarding The Zinc Blood Test or Any Other Test or Profile?

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Zinc Blood Test At Home Short Description
  • UNITS: µg/dL
  • VOLUME: 3ml