HPV Digene Hybrid DNA Detection Test


What Is HPV Digene Hybrid DNA Detection Test?

The HPV Digene Hybrid DNA Detection Test is available on AreYouHealthy at low rate. The booking procedure is very easy. You just need to tap the SUBMIT button after filling the required information in the form on this page. AreYouHealthy, in association with Thyrocare, has brought to you the doorstep test sample collection facility. You can even book the test just by a phone call on 7289-87-6363.

All the test reports we provide are prepared after the thorough examination of the collected test samples. The test samples are examined by experts in highly equipped laboratories. With the strong presence of service centres in over 2000 cities across India, we provide you with the test results just in the span of 3-4 working days. The test results are sent to you on your registered email. You can also request us for the hard copy of the test reports. This will cost you an extra of Rs. 75/- and the reports will be sent to you on your registered address.

The HPV Digene DNA Detection Test determines the presence or absence of oncogenic HPV types. It gives us an objective risk indicator for the growth of high-grade cervical illness and cancer by detecting the clinically most important high-risk HPV types.

The HPV Digene DNA Detection test reports show two indications:

Primary Adjunctive Screening With A Pap:

Diagnosis of women age 30 and above to detect women most likely to have CIN 2/3 or cancer and hence in need of colposcopy.

Reflex HPV Testing:

Triage for women having ASC-US Pap results to estimate appropriate follow-up.

When utilised together for women 30+, the HPV Digene DNA detection Test and the Pap offer unprecedented sensitivity for high-grade cervical health disorders and cancer.

The “HPV Digene DNA Detection Test” is also known to laboratories and physicians as “Digene HPV Test”.

The HPV Digene Hybrid DNA Detection Test is the world’s most proven human papillomavirus (HPV) test which analyses for sensitive, early identification of cervical cancer and disease. The Digene HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test is CE-marked for determining high-risk types of HPV.

If you still have any doubt or query related to HPV Digene Hybrid DNA Detection Test. Please let us know on 7289-87-6363. We are available 24X7 for assisting you.

HPV Digene DNA Test Description

  • VOLUME: 3ml