Magnesium Test


Magnesium Test In India

AreYouHealthy is offering Magnesium test through India just at low rate. A team of sample collector from Thyrocare will come to your doorstep and collect the sample. After the collection process, it will be sent to the certified Thyrocare lab. For more details, you can contact us at 7289-87-6363.

What Is Magnesium Test?

Magnesium plays an essential role in delivering signals from the brain to body. It acts as a gatekeeper for the N-methyl-D-aspartate(NMDA) receptors. It’s required for healthy bones, muscles, heart and nerves. It helps our body to control energy, blood sugar, blood pressure. Magnesium is naturally found in many foods like peanut butter, beans, whole grains, nuts, spinach, milk, etc.
When NMDA receptors are blocked, this means that the level of magnesium in an individual’s body is low.

Why Magnesium Test Is Performed?

  • The magnesium test is done to check whether an individual is having normal or abnormal magnesium levels in the blood.
  • There are two conditions in which a doctor may ask to have magnesium test, namely hypomagnesemia(low levels of magnesium) and hypermagnesemia(high levels of magnesium).
  • This test also helps to determine the risk of developing heart disease. The doctor may also suggest this test to pregnant women to check the possibilities of occurrence of pre-eclampsia(pregnancy complication characterised by high blood pressure).

What If Magnesium Level Is Too Low?

If someone is entirely healthy, he or she wouldn’t have symptoms for low magnesium in quick time, unless it went for a long time. The doctor may want to test your magnesium level. This is crucial because too much or too low magnesium can make both children and adult sick. If a person drinks too much alcohol, or has a kidney problem or has long been a problem of digestion, then that person may be difficult to absorb magnesium.

How To Prepare For Magnesium Test?

Inform your doctor if you’re onto some medicines before the test. The doctor will give some specific instructions based on the conditions the patient is on. There is are no specific preparations required for magnesium test.

What Is The Test Procedure?

After you book the test, an executive from Thyrocare will come to your place on the selected time slot. Then the executive will collect the blood sample. After the collection step, the sample will be sent to the Thyrocare lab.

What Does The Magnesium Test Result Mean?

Low levels may indicate that the patient doesn’t get enough amount of magnesium in his or her diet. And need to take extra. If a person has had recent surgery, sometimes have low magnesium levels. It could also be a sign of diabetes, thyroid problem, or problem with the pregnancy. If the test results are more than the normal range, then it could be a case of kidney dysfunction or kidney failure, dehydration, alcoholism, low bone density, low calcium levels, hyperthyroidism, high vitamin-D levels.

Magnesium Test Description
  • UNITS: mg/dL
  • VOLUME: 3ml
  • NORMAL RANGE: 1.90 – 3.10