Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test


About Prostate Specific Antigen Test

  • Prostate-specific antigen test is used to determine the amount of prostate-specific antigen in the blood. It is a protein produced by both non-cancerous and cancerous tissue. Mostly, it is found in semen produced in the prostate. The prostate-specific antigen test can detect a higher level of PSA which indicates prostate cancer. The prostate is a gland present below the bladder.
  • Prostate cancer is a frequent cause of death. It is important to detect early stage of cancer to give better treatment. The prostate is the only test which is used to identify early symptoms of prostate cancer. Usually, the prostate level is low in males. It is also known as Free prostate-specific antigen test. The doctor recommends a prostate biopsy if the PSA level is very high.

Prostate Specific Antigen Level Can Be Affected By Many Factors Such As:

  • Age: PSA level will increase steadily as your age increases even if you don’t have prostate cancer.
  • Medications: Drugs such as finasteride, dutasteride can falsely affect the level of PSA.
Alternative PSA Tests Used In Biopsy:
  1. Percent free PSA test.
  2. PSA velocity test.
  3. Urine PCA3 test.
Certain Risk Factors In Prostate Cancer:
  1. Brother and father with prostate cancer.
  2. Age: Increase in age increase the risk factor of getting prostate cancer. It is more common in males over the age of 50.
Symptoms for PSA test:
  1. Frequent and painful urination.
  2. Back pain.
  3. Pelvic pain.

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  • UNITS: ng/ml
  • VOLUME: 1ml
  • NORMAL RANGE: Less than 4.00 Border Line : 4.01 to 10.00