The 12 Most Misunderstood Facts About Full Body Checkup

Areyouhealthy Team Explores 12 Most Misunderstood Facts About Full Body Checkup

When it comes to Full Body Checkup, many of you might have some misunderstood concepts and facts in your mind. This may be because of having a perception that many problems related to health issues need not have a Full Body examination. There may be many other factors like you have been repeatedly fed with those wrong concepts by someone in your surrounding. Here in this article, I will be trying to clarify the Twelve Most Misunderstood Facts related to Full Body Test.

Full Body Checkup Is Needed Only When You Are Seriously Unwell

It’s not always necessary that everything which is going to be wrong with your health will show you any symptoms while in the early stages. But if you go for a diagnosis, it might come out with an eminent symptom. Regular health checkups lead us to preventive care to our body. Most of the time, when people undergo Full Body Checkup, their myth get flawed.

They get some unexpected results which may come out with numbers not touching the healthy range of the body. Many even doubt the accuracy of the results, believing that there is nothing wrong about their lifestyle or diet. But let me be clear that when you go for a Full Body Checkup provided by a NABL and CAP certified lab, there is a very low chance of inaccuracy and this may also give you a rebate in your Income Tax return under section 80D. Full Body Checkup is very effective for monitoring health and thereafter having preventive measures.

Full Body Checkup Is Reserved For A Specific Age Group

Have you ever heard that a person aged under 20 or 25 have a protective shield on their body which does not let the diseases to attack them? A big NO, right? Then how can one say that Full body Checkup is reserved for elderly persons or someone above 30 or more? Diseases won’t even let you get prepared for it. And it might sometimes be that when you start seeing symptoms, the disease has reached in a stage when you are already too late to be cured. In the below-mentioned point, you can note down the frequency of Full Body Checkup based on the age group of an individual.

Frequency Of Full Body Checkup

Getting a Full Body Checkup never goes in vain. But if you are still curious about its frequency during a certain period, then it depends on the age of an individual.

  • Age under 30 should get a Full Body Checkup in a period of every two-three years. A sexually active woman should get screened for cervical cancer after her initial 21 and discuss the regularity of screening with the provider.
  • A healthy individual aged 30-40 are advised to get a physical in an interval of a year. Women entering 40 are recommended to have Baseline Mammograms, repeated every 1-2 years.
  • If you are hitting 50 years of your age, you require a Full Body Checkup annually. At this age, you are required to get screened for colon cancer and both men and women should undergo colonoscopies.


Is It Very Costly?

No, going for a Full Body Checkup is never going to affect your pocket much. It is a preventive measure for future diseases. It is like saving a good amount of your money which you will have to give a Doctor when you go for the treatment of some health issue which you could have prevented with the help of Full Body Checkup initially when it was mere started developing. If you haven’t gone for a Full Body Checkup yet, get a quote for you now.

What Are The Tests Included In Full Body Checkup?

Being a very general query, you might also be curious about the list of tests included in Full Body Checkup. Given below is the list of profiles included in Full Body Checkup.

  1. Liver Profile
  2. Thyroid Profile
  3. Kidney Profile
  4. Lipid Profile
  5. Cardiac Risk Markers
  6. Iron Deficiency Profile
  7. Diabetic Screen
  8. Complete Hemogram
  9. Vitamin D Profile
  10. Electrolytes Profile
  11. Pancreas Profile
  12. Arthritis Profile
  13. Serum Ferritin
  14. Testosterone
  15. Fat-Soluble Vitamins
  16. Vitamin B Complex
  17. Urinogram
  18. Microalbuminuria
  19. LP-PLA2
  20. Elements

Want to know more about a package that covers all the above mentioned profile? Click here.

Are All The Tests Necessary?

Full Body Checkup is a list of test parameters which combines to form a package. Many major and minor organs connect with each other to build our complex body system. Full Body Checkup examines all those and gives you a complete analysis of your body health. I would strongly recommend you to go for a Full Body Checkup which is in regards to your health wellness.

How To Be Prepared For The Full Body Checkup?

It’s not a giant’s job to be prepared for a Full Body Checkup. Before going for the checkup, you should have a good sleep, i.e., not less than 6 hours. It may result abnormally due to lack of sleep in case of blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature. It might be hard for the examiner to differentiate whether the result is real or not? It is also recommended not to eat or drink at least 8-10 hours prior to the checkup. This does not include water which can be freely consumed to avoid dehydration effects on blood sugar as well as cholesterol tests in the package. I would highly recommend you not to go for drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before your booked slot.

Alcohol or drugs may affect some of the listed tests. You can continue taking your medicine for hypertension as prescribed by the Doctor. You should always attach test results and medical report if you are suffering from chronic illness or other health problems. Women are advised to avoid checkup seven days before or after the menstrual period. Please don’t go for urine analysis if you are menstruating because blood contamination affects the examination, and the result will be inaccurate. During this period, Breast Cancer screening with the help of Digital Mammogram should also be avoided since it is tensed at that time.

Does It Include Tests Like TMT Or HIV?

TMT(Treadmill Test) and HIV test are always prescribed by a Doctor. You are suggested to consult a Doctor, and after being recommended by him/her, you are still free to include TMT and HIV tests in your package.

Does it include Imaging tests like X-ray, CT scan, Catheterisation, Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI scans?

Being very logical, all the above-mentioned Imaging tests require big machines which are practically difficult to bring at your doorstep to perform tests with. Yeah, when you visit a lab yourself, you are always free to go for any of the imaging tests.

Is it recommended not to consume sugar one night before the diabetes checkup?

As per many websites on the internet, it is always recommended not to go for any sugar intake one night before the diabetes checkup.

Will My Privacy Be Leaked If I Go For Full Body Checkup?

Privacy is something which should always be prime care of an individual. You need not worry about your privacy when you undergo a health checkup. The laboratories always maintain a high standard in terms of customer’s privacy. No one except you is going to know about your health reports after being examined.

Can I Get Discounts If I Book A Test For More Than One Individual?

Yes, you can avail a discount if you book a test for more than one individual. Arogyam 20Y profile offered by Thyrocare is a perfect package for health checkup for two individuals. The package includes ten profiles, namely:

  1. Toxic elements profile
  2. Cholesterol profile
  3. Homocysteine
  4. Diabetes Screening
  5. Vitamin profile
  6. Iron deficiency profile
  7. Liver profile
  8. Kidney profile
  9. Thyroid profile
  10. Complete hemogram/CBC/Complete Blood Count.

You can go for this as it is one of the most cost-effective packages of preventive health checkup for two persons.


The Indian health checkup is not yet looked as something vital. Most of us get ourselves tested only after seeing some symptoms. The exposure to the bad environment of metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai can lead to severe health conditions. It is better to get tested to avoid the high cost and physical discomfort that may arise because of ignorance. To speak to our experts feel free to call our India health checkup support number +91 7289-87-6363.

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