Thyroid Profile 66

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Overview Of Thyroid Profile 66

Thyroid profile 66 is offered by AreYouHealthy at low rate. It has 10 profiles that have further 66 test parameters. Special preparation is required for this profile, i.e., 10-12 hours of fasting. Now you can give your test samples at home. You don’t have to be in the queue for hours. Just call us on +917289876363 to use our service. For booking, just ring on our number or you can make an online booking by filling the application form given on our site. The test report will send it to you via email within 2-3 working days. If you want hard copies of your test reports, then you have to pay Rs 75 extra.

List Of Sub-profiles In Thyroid Profile 66

  • VITAMIN PROFILE is used to detect the vitamin level in the body. Vitamin plays an important role in the growth of bones and teeth. This profile consists of 2 test parameters. They are vitamin D total and Vitamin B12. vitamin D total is used to find out the total amount of vitamin D in the body. Two forms of vitamin D is essential for nutrients. The forms are vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. vitamin B12 is important for the production of red blood cells, nerve functioning, and brain health. The lower level of B12 can lead to memory loss, infertility in women, permanent nerve damage, etc.
  • THYROID PROFILE is used to evaluate the proper functioning of thyroid hormones. This profile has 5 test parameter. Test parameters evaluate the 2 hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland. Some of the test parameters are total triiodothyronine, total thyroxine, thyroid stimulating hormone, etc. these 2 hormones help the body to regulate the body’s temperature, heart rate, and metabolism. It is also used to suspect thyroid disorder, i.e., hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.
  • DIABETIC SCREEN is used to monitor the average blood sugar level over the past of 8 to 13 weeks. Diabetic screening profile helps diabetic people to evaluate and monitor their average glucose level in the blood on a regular basis. With the help of this profile, they can maintain their health and lifestyle. 2 test parameters included in this profile is HbA1c and Average blood glucose.
  • IRON DEFICIENCY PROFILE TEST consists of 3 test parameters. It is used to evaluate the amount of iron in the blood and transferrin. It can also determine the iron binding capacity of the cells. With the help of this profile, we can also detect anaemia. Anaemia is a condition which occurs due to deficiency of iron in the body..
  • LIVER FUNCTION PROFILE TEST It includes 11 test parameters. This profile is used to detect the level of bilirubin, liver enzymes, and proteins in the blood. The liver helps the body to remove toxic elements, storing energy, and digest the food. Common diseases caused in the liver is cirrhosis and hepatitis.
  • LIPID PROFILE ANALYZER PROFILE performs many tests to determine any heart disease. It has 8 test parameters. This profile evaluates the good and bad cholesterol or triglycerides residing in the body. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is considered as good cholesterol while low-density lipoprotein is considered as bad cholesterol.
  • KIDNEY TEST FUNCTION has 5 test parameters. The kidney is necessary for the production of red blood cells, vitamin D, hormones that regulate blood pressure. It also controls the level of water and minerals in the body.
  • ANTITHYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY The thyroid gland produces many proteins and thyroglobulin is one of them. It is used by the thyroid gland to produce active thyroid hormones. If a person has an autoimmune condition, it will disrupt the production of thyroglobulin. It is a condition, where the immune system produces antibodies to attack its own cells. When the immune system attacks the thyroid, it targets thyroglobulin that causes the production of antithyroglobulin antibodies. This test is used to determine the level of these antibodies in the body.
  • ANTIMICROSOMAL ANTIBODY. It is also known as thyroid peroxidase test. It is used to detect antimicrosomal antibodies in the blood. These antibodies are produced when the thyroid gland is damaged.