Thyroid Test At Home

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Price @ 390/- Only |No Fasting Needed | Sample Type: Serum

List of Parameters included in Home Thyroid Test

  1. T3
  2. T4
  3. TSH (Ultra Sensitive)

Why Is It Important To Take Thyroid Test At Home?

Only a few people among us know that thyroid plays a significant role in our day to day lifestyle and wellness. Having a too much amount of thyroid activity which is known to be as hyperthyroidism and too little amount of thyroid activity which is known to be as hypothyroidism; both are to be a significant concern for personal health. It is very important to monitor the levels through thyroid test at home because your thyroid controls the production amount of your metabolism in the body. This plays an essential factor in your overall health condition, and it is important to monitor thyroid function as well.
As per the recent study, around fifteen per cent of the population in India are suffering from thyroid disease or a thyroid disorder. And the worst and worrying part is that they are not even aware of the thyroid problem and how to get it checked for thyroid test at home.

Who Faces The Thyroid Disorder And Who Needs To Get Tested With Thyroid Test At Home?

It is not so specific that who faces the Thyroid disorder. Anyone can suffer thyroid disease at any age factor. But here are some factors that make more susceptible to thyroid problem who are:

  1. Women’s (they are up to 15 times more likely than the chances of men to have thyroid disease).
  2. A person who is having a family history of thyroid issues.
  3. Smokers
  4. A person who is being treated with lithium for five months or even more.
  5. A person who has been in touch with radiation therapy, especially around the region of the neck.
  6. The person having diabetes of type 1.
  7. People how to have a deficiency of iodine or exposure.
  8. Adults who are aged more than age 50+.
  9. Women who are pregnant within the past five months.

What Will Be Included In The Thyroid Test At Home?

A Thyroid Test At Home consists of vital thyroid test panels to evaluate the amount of TSH ultra-sensitive (thyroid-stimulating hormone), triiodothyronine levels (T3), and thyroxine levels (T4).
This is very important to monitor the TSH levels as this provides the signal to the thyroid gland to produce the thyroid hormones. If there is a fault in the TSH levels, this can lead to a wrong signal being sent to the thyroid for hormone production and end up with a lot of hormonal issues.

How To Understand The Symptoms of Hypothyroidism?

In the case of thyroid hypothyroidism, a person may start to see the following changes and symptoms:

  1. Higher Depression
  2. Irregular or Heavier Than Normal Periods
  3. Sluggishness & Fatigue
  4. Constipation
  5. Dry Skin & Thinning Hair
  6. Mental Fogginess
  7. High Cholesterol
  8. Low Blood Sugar
  9. Weight Gain
  10. Cold Sensitivity
  11. Muscle Weakness, Aches, Tenderness

How To Understand The Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidism?

An individual will start to face the following symptoms if he is having the issue of hyperthyroidism.

  1. Having difficulty in Sleep
  2. Shaking or Trembling
  3. Fast Heartbeat
  4. Heat Sensitivity
  5. Unexpected or Unusual Weight Loss
  6. Nervousness & Anxiousness
  7. Swelling in the Neck from Enlarged Thyroid
  8. Increased Appetite
  9. More Frequent Bowel Movements
  10. Frequent Sweating.