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Parameters Included in Tumour Panel Female


  2. CA 19.9
  4. CA 15.3
  5. CA-125

Tumour Panel Profile For Female

Tumour Panel Female is one of our preventive health check-up packages. Tumour markers are usually proteins, produced by our body which leads to cancer. Our main goal of this health check-up package is to diagnose cancer in early stages. If we detect cancer early, we can treat them and make them better. However, if we can’t detect it early, it can spread to other parts of the body. Tumour Panel Female is offered by which is for detecting any type of cancer present in the body.

There are 6 parameters in Tumour Panel Female

Some people are at high risk for cancers due to genetic inheritance. There are some tests to estimate the risk of developing any type of cancer. So, it is very important to detect any type of tumours in an early stage. With the help of early detection, you can cure and give effective treatments to cancer.

  • Alpha-Feto Protein (AFP): AFP test is to detect and monitor any type of cancer-related to the liver and testes. If a person is diagnosed with one of these cancers, then they will go to periodic testing of AFP to see the improvement or response to this treatment. If a person has chronic diseases like hepatitis and cirrhosis, a doctor will request you for the AFP test. This will help to detect hepatocellular carcinoma. The higher level of AFP level indicates the bigger tumour. Level of AFP decreases when the body starts responding to cancer therapy. If AFP does not come to normal within one month of therapy, it indicates the presence of a tumour.
  • Beta HCG Test: Beta HCG is known as Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It is a blood test used to detect pregnancy. It is also known as Quantitative HCG, Qualitative HCG. It is also used to detect and monitor germ cell tumours, trophoblastic disease. Production of HCG is doubled at every 48 hours for the first month of pregnancy. During the starting week of pregnancy, it is important to maintain corpus luteum function. If the HCG level is higher than usual, it indicates some problem with the pregnancy.
  • CA 125 Test: It is known as Cancer Antigen 125. CA 125 test is used to diagnose ovarian cancer. It is a protein found in ovarian cancer cells. CA 125 level may be high in non-cancerous condition. If CA level falls during treatment, it indicates that the cancer is responding to therapy. If the CA level is rising, cancer is not responding to treatment. High level of CA 125 after the completion of treatment indicates that the cancer is back.
  • CA 15-3 Test: Cancer Antigen 15-3 is used to detect breast cancer. It is a product of breast cells. In breast cancer, the level of CA 15-3 usually increases. CA 15-3 does not cause cancer. It is a protein shed by the tumour cells, which is responsible for cancer. Monitoring the level of CA 15-3 helps your doctor to know that the treatment is working properly or not. Increase in CA 15-3 level indicates the recurrence of breast cancer.
  • CA 19-9 Test:This test is used to find out the difference between cancer of pancreas or bile ducts. It is also used to monitor the recurrence of pancreatic cancer. If a patient has a moderate and high level of CA 19-9, it indicates pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer does not give so much warning at an early stage. By the patient comes to know about symptoms, pancreatic cancer is in advance stage.
  • Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA) Test: CEA test is used to monitor the disease and recurrence of that disease while having cancer. It is a type of protein which is not found in a healthy human body. CEA is produced by cancer cells when you have some cancer. CEA test will indicate that the patient has cancer, but it will not report the type of cancer.

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