How We Can Offer These Services At Low Cost?

You are aware that on our website we offer tests, packages, CT Scan, Xray, Ultrasound diagnostic services at a lot lesser cost than many other portals. You may have a question. Here are few reasons.

  • Everything Inhouse. The Team behind Areyouhealthy is highly efficient and is very small in size. This means we have a very small overhead cost. We have created the technology stack in-house and the internal team handles digital marketing and social media marketing for the site. This also helps us to cut the cost as we save money there as well.
  • We work directly with NABL accredited labs and grab special rates for you. All the labs that we work with are NABL accredited and since our orders are huge in number we are able to get massive discounts that is passed to you. We can only get discounts because we have a tremendous number of orders. Other providers that do not have enough leads and traffic struggle to get better deals and that is why they may be expensive.
  • Catering to B2B and B2C verticals. Our team provides cost effective diagnostic services to consumers and also to corporate clients. This helps us to make a very small margin of profit from a large base of customers. There is a problem with today’s preventive health care industry. In most cases its expensive. We are 6 Billion plus people in world. Our motivation comes from our vision of solving the problem of preventive health checkup for 6 billion plus people. Even if we make just a single unit of any currency we will have enough money to expand our service footprint and give back to the community and society.
  • We are a no frill service provider. We do not offer Non Essential Elements. We offer a lean service and cost. We do not bundle services like doctor consultation and dietitian consultation with diagnostic tests. We believe that a real face to face conversation with a doctor or nutritionist can help you better rather than forcing you to get consultation with our chosen professionals and drilling hole in your pocket.
  • No Compromise On Quality. We ensure that the service providers that we work with are top of the line and best in the market. Our customers get the same level of service if the customer reaches the provider directly. At you get same level of service with deals.