Bone Profile Basic

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Price: 1,648/- | Fasting Needed | Sample Type: Blood

About Thyrocare Bone Profile Basic

Bone Profile Basic is a bone checkup package provided by AreYouHealthy with the partnership of Thyrocare Technologies Limited. It consists of 6 test parameters and includes essential tests for screening of your overall bone health. These tests are based on blood samples only.

List of Test Parameters Included in Bone Profile Basic

Why Should One Go For Bone Profile Basic Test?

During childhood, bone formation proceeds at a faster rate than bone resorption and at the teenage time, the bone mass usually increases to its peak. After this peak, resorption begins to outpace it, and bone formation becomes slower, resulting in a deficiency in bone mass with growing age.
Some diseases, such as kidney disease, thyroid, Cushing disease, rheumatoid arthritis and hyperparathyroidism, can also create an effect on bone health. An individual person may develop bone disease and osteoporosis because of smoking, excess alcohol consumption, gastrointestinal issues, inactivity, use of medications that contain high-dose glucocorticosteroids, eating disorders, lack of Vitamin D and Calcium deficiencies during childhood can all increase the risk of a person developing bone disorders later in life.

How To Book The Bone Profile Basic Test?

To book this package, you can fill the alongside form with the required details and then submit it, our executive will contact you to confirm and fix the suitable time slot for sample collection at home.