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Chhatrapati Shivaji Subharti Hospital, Meerut Contact Information

Chhatrapati Shivaji Subharti Hospital, Meerut


Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250005



Hospital Helpdesk:







[email protected]



  1. Dr. YP Monga
    • Specialization: Medicine
  2. Dr. Satyam Khare
    • Role: Vice-Principal
  3. Dr. (Brig) Harjit Singh Minhas
    • Role: Senior Medical Superintendent
  4. Dr. Krishna Murty
    • Role: DMS Subharti Hospital
  5. Dr. Ravi Pratap Singh
    • Role: AMS Central Lab
  6. Dr. Saurabh Sharma
    • Role: AMS Subharti Hospital
  7. Dr. Mukesh Maheshwari
    • Specialization: Surgeon
  8. Dr. Saurabh Singhal
    • Role: HOD Medicine
  9. Dr. Sanjay
    • Role: HOD ENT
  10. Dr. Arvind Krishna
    • Role: HOD Dermatology
  11. Dr. Mamta Tyagi
    • Specialization: Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  12. Dr. Smriti Gupta
    • Role: HOD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  13. Dr. Sangeeta Sharma
    • Specialization: Pathology
  14. Dr. Anita Pandey
    • Specialization: Professor MD Biochemistry
  15. Dr. Bhawana Pant
    • Specialization: Community Medicine
  16. Dr. Sanjay Pandey
    • Specialization: Surgeon
  17. Dr. Anjali Khare
    • Role: HOD Pathology
  18. Dr. Abhinav Bansal
    • Specialization: Neurosurgeon
  19. Dr. Amit Agarwal
    • Specialization: Medicine
  20. Dr. Kalpana Chauhan
    • Role: Director Central Lab
  21. Dr. Anurag Tomer
    • Specialization: Surgeon
  22. Dr. Dawood
    • Role: Anesthesiology Department
  23. Dr. Farhad
    • Specialization: Ophthalmologist
  24. Dr. Parvez Ahmad
    • Specialization: Orthopedics
  25. Dr. Pushkar Khare
    • Specialization: ENT Surgeon
  26. Dr. Sumit Kant Jha
    • Specialization: General Physician
  27. Dr. Col Davendra Swarup
    • Role: Blood Transfusion Officer
  28. Dr. Alok Tripathi
    • Specialization: Anatomy
  29. Dr. Kamal Swarn
    • Specialization: Orthopedics
  30. Dr. Ajay Punj
    • Specialization: Pediatrics
  31. Dr. Avinash Rastogi
    • Specialization: Orthopedics
  32. Dr. Vinay Bharat
    • Specialization: Pathology
  33. Dr. V K Malik
    • Role: HOD Ophthalmology
  34. Dr. Vivek Kumar
    • Specialization: Psychiatry
  35. Dr. Rani Bansal
    • Specialization: Pathologist
  36. Dr. Hina Kausar
    • Specialization: Anatomy
  37. Dr. Aarti Tyagi
    • Specialization: Psychiatrist
  38. Dr. Manvi Gupta
    • Specialization: Obstetrics and Gynecology
  39. Dr. Preeti Gupta
    • Specialization: Pathology
  40. Dr. Gyanendra
    • Specialization: Pediatric Surgeon
  41. Dr. Aditya Rastogi
    • Specialization: General Surgery
  42. Dr. Brijesh Goswami
    • Specialization: Radiation Oncology
  43. Dr. Tanushree Gahlot
    • Specialization: Microbiology
  44. Dr. Arun Kumar Verma
    • Specialization: Radiation Oncology
  45. Dr. Akanksha Chaudhary
    • Specialization: Microbiology
  46. Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
    • Specialization: General Medicine
  47. Dr. Ananvay Dadu
    • Specialization: General Surgery
  48. Dr. Jyotishna Shukla
    • Specialization: Pathology
  49. Dr. Vertika Sharma
    • Specialization: Pathology
  50. Dr. Areeb Ali Siddiqui
    • Specialization: Orthopedics
  51. Dr. Abhishek Sangal
    • Specialization: Forensic Medicine
  52. Dr. Sarthak Soin
    • Specialization: General Medicine
  53. Dr. Peetam Singh
    • Specialization: Microbiology
  54. Dr. Jaskiran Kaur
    • Specialization: Biochemistry
  55. Dr. Chhavi Kiran Gupta
    • Specialization: Community Medicine
  56. Dr. Emma
    • Specialization: Respiratory Diseases
  57. Dr. Bhawana Rastogi
    • Role: Anesthesiology Department
  58. Dr. Archita Kansal Tiwari
    • Role: Pathologist & Quality Manager, Central Lab
  59. Dr. Shashank Mishra
    • Role: HOD General Surgery



Emergency Care

  • We offer 24×7 Emergency Care services, ensuring that medical attention is available whenever you need it most.

Operation Theater

  • Our well-equipped Operation Theaters are available 24×7, providing a safe and sterile environment for surgical procedures.

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

  • Our multi-professional Intensive Care Unit is staffed with dedicated healthcare professionals, ensuring the highest level of care for critical patients.

Cancer Unit

  • At our hospital, we provide comprehensive treatment for all types of cancer under one roof, offering hope and support to cancer patients and their families.


  • We have a state-of-the-art Central Laboratory with world-class machines, ensuring accurate and timely diagnostics.


  • Our hospital features both outpatient and inpatient pharmacy services, making it convenient for patients to access the medications they need.

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