D dimer with CBC

28 Tests | Rs 899 | Blood Tests Only | Reports In 12 Hours
Powered By Redcliffelabs D-Dimer & CBC
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  1. D-Dimer (1)
    1. D-Dimer
  2. Haemogram (CBC + ESR) (27)
    1. Absolute Basophils Count, Blood
    2. Absolute Eosinophil Count, Blood
    3. Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Blood
    4. Absolute Monocyte Count, Blood
    5. Absolute Neutrophil Count, Blood
    6. Basophils
    7. Eosinophils
    8. ESR Automated
    9. Hemoglobin Hb
    10. Lymphocytes
    11. MCH
    12. MCHC
    13. MCV
    15. Monocytes
    16. MPV Mean Platelet Volume
    17. Neutrophils
    18. PCT
    19. PCV Haematocrit
    20. PDW Platelet Distribution Width
    21. Platelet Count Thrombocyte count
    22. P – LCC
    23. P – LCR
    24. RBC Count
    25. RDW-CV
    26. RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width)
    27. WBC-Total Counts Leucocytes


The D-Dimer with CBC package offered by Redcliffelabs is a set of blood tests aimed at assessing coagulation and blood cell counts. The reports for this package are generally provided within 12 hours.

Powered By Redcliffelabs: Redcliffelabs is known for providing reliable and accurate diagnostic testing services. They use advanced technology and experienced professionals to ensure accurate and timely results.

Importance of D-Dimer Testing: D-Dimer testing is commonly used as a tool to assess whether a person might have a blood clotting disorder or to monitor the effectiveness of anticoagulant treatment. Elevated D-Dimer levels can indicate the presence of clotting or thrombotic activity in the body, which may require further investigation and medical attention.

Importance of CBC Testing: A complete blood count (CBC) provides important information about a person’s overall health. Abnormalities in blood cell counts, hemoglobin levels, and other parameters can be indicative of various conditions, such as anemia, infections, bleeding disorders, and more. A CBC is a useful tool for both diagnosing and monitoring various medical conditions.

It’s important to note that while these tests can provide valuable insights, they are not definitive diagnostic tests. If any abnormalities are detected, further testing and evaluation by a healthcare provider are necessary to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment. If you are considering these tests, it’s recommended to discuss them with your healthcare provider to determine if they are appropriate for your health needs.


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