Post Covid Check -Up

55 Tests | Rs 1499 | Blood Tests Only | Fasting Not Needed | Reports In 15 Hours
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Covid-19 IgG Antibody, CRP, Quantitative, CPK MB, CBC + ESR, KFT, LDH, Serum, LFT, TSH 3rd Generation
  1. Covid-19 IgG Antibody (1)
    1. Covid-19 IgG Antibody
  2. C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Quantitative (1)
    1. CRP (C Reactive Protein) Quantitative
  3. Creatine Phosphokinase MB (CPK MB) (1)
    1. Creatinine-Kinase MB (CPK)
  4. Haemogram (CBC + ESR) (27)
    1. Absolute Basophils Count, Blood
    2. Absolute Eosinophil Count, Blood
    3. Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Blood
    4. Absolute Monocyte Count, Blood
    5. Absolute Neutrophil Count, Blood
    6. Basophils
    7. Eosinophils
    8. ESR Automated
    9. Hemoglobin Hb
    10. Lymphocytes
    11. MCH
    12. MCHC
    13. MCV
    15. Monocytes
    16. MPV Mean Platelet Volume
    17. Neutrophils
    18. PCT
    19. PCV Haematocrit
    20. PDW Platelet Distribution Width
    21. Platelet Count Thrombocyte count
    22. P – LCC
    23. P – LCR
    24. RBC Count
    25. RDW-CV
    26. RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width)
    27. WBC-Total Counts Leucocytes
  5. Kidney Function Test (KFT) (11)
    1. Blood Urea
    2. BUN
    3. BUN/Creatinine Ratio
    4. Calcium
    5. Chloride
    6. Creatinine
    7. Phosphorus
    8. Potassium
    9. Sodium
    10. Urea/Creatinine Ratio
    11. Uric Acid
  6. Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), Serum (1)
    1. LDH (Lactate dehydrogenase)
  7. Liver Function Test (LFT) (12)
    1. A/G Ratio
    2. Albumin, Serum
    3. Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum
    4. Bilirubin Direct, Serum
    5. Bilirubin- Indirect, serum
    6. Bilirubin Total, Serum
    7. GGTP (Gamma GT)
    8. Globulin
    9. Proteins, Serum
    10. SGOT/AST
    11. SGOT/SGPT Ratio
    12. SGPT/ALT
  8. TSH 3rd Generation (1)
    1. TSH


The Post-Covid Check-Up package offered by Redcliffelabs is a comprehensive panel designed to assess various health parameters after recovering from Covid-19. Priced at Rs 1499, this package includes 55 blood tests that can provide valuable insights into the effects of the infection on different organs and systems of the body. The tests do not require fasting, and the reports are provided within 15 hours, ensuring a quick turnaround time for diagnosis.

The Post-Covid Check-Up package includes the following tests:

Powered By Redcliffelabs: Redcliffelabs is a trusted diagnostic service provider known for its accurate and reliable testing services. Their advanced technology and skilled professionals ensure the accurate detection of various health parameters.

Why Take the Post-Covid Check-Up Package? Recovering from Covid-19 can have various effects on different organs and systems of the body. The Post-Covid Check-Up package can help assess the impact of the infection and identify any lingering health issues that need attention. Early detection of any post-Covid complications can lead to timely management and better recovery. If you have recently recovered from Covid-19 or are concerned about potential health effects, consider taking the Post-Covid Check-Up Package to ensure your health is thoroughly evaluated.

COVID 19 RT PCR Swab Test

Note: Covid Positive Reports Will Be Shared As Per The Local Municipal Corporation Guidelines AreYouHealthy offers at-home Covid RT PCR tests in association with ICMR

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