Thrombophilia Profile

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  1. Activated Protein C Resistance (APCR) (1)
    1. Activated Protein C Resistance (APCR)
  2. Anti Cardiolipin IgG Antibodies (1)
    1. Anti Cardiolipin IgG Antibodies
  3. Anti Cardiolipin IgM Antibodies (1)
    1. Anti Cardiolipin IgM Antibodies
  4. Anti Thrombin III Activity/Functional (1)
    1. Anti Thrombin III Activity/Functional
  5. Lupus Anticoagulant (4)
    1. Control Value
    2. Lupus Anticoagulant
    3. Patient Value
    4. Screen Ratio
  6. Protein C Activity / Functional (1)
    1. Protein C Activity / Functional
  7. Protein S Antigen Free (1)
    1. Protein S Antigen Free


The Thrombophilia Profile offered by Redcliffelabs is a specialized blood test package designed to assess the risk of abnormal blood clotting (thrombosis) and related conditions. The reports for this profile are typically provided within 12 days. Thrombophilia refers to a tendency to develop blood clots due to abnormalities in the clotting process. This profile helps in evaluating various factors that can contribute to thrombosis.

Powered By Redcliffelabs: Redcliffelabs is a well-known diagnostic service provider with expertise in providing accurate and reliable testing services. They use advanced technology and experienced professionals to ensure precise results for specialized health assessments.

Importance of Thrombophilia Profile: Thrombophilia is a condition characterized by an increased tendency to form blood clots, which can lead to serious health complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism, and stroke. This profile helps assess various factors that can contribute to abnormal clotting, including deficiencies in natural anticoagulant proteins (Protein C and Protein S), presence of antibodies that affect clotting (e.g., anti-cardiolipin antibodies), and other factors related to clotting activity (such as Anti Thrombin III Activity and Activated Protein C Resistance).

When is Thrombophilia Profile Recommended? The Thrombophilia Profile is typically recommended for individuals who have a personal or family history of blood clots, especially if they occurred at a young age or in unusual sites. It is also recommended for individuals who experienced recurrent miscarriages, unexplained thrombosis, or have conditions associated with increased clotting risk. This profile helps in identifying potential underlying causes for abnormal clotting and guides appropriate management and prevention strategies.

If you are considering the Thrombophilia Profile, it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider who can assess your medical history and symptoms to determine if this test is appropriate for you.