Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen IgM Test


About Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen IgM Test

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  • Hepatitis is caused due to primary infection with the hepatitis B virus. An absence of the IgM marker indicates that an individual was previously unrecognised long term carriers of HBsAg. Further serum analysis often shows delta infection as well as occasionally hepatitis B infection or cytomegalovirus infection as the exact reason behind the illness. A negative IgM anti-HBc test reports in individuals having acute HBsAg positive hepatitis points to a factor other than the virus for hepatitis B as the reason behind the liver injury and predicts the carriage of HBsAg.
  • With sensitive immunoassays, testing for IgM antibody against Hepatitis B core antigen (AHBC)- IgM shows that reactivity is always present in acute hepatitis B but usually absent or identifiable only at low titres in HBsAg (asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis B surface antigen). It is confirmed by the Longitudinal studies that Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen IgM Test is increased early during basic hepatitis B virus infection and then decreases in a few months regardless of the continuation of circulating HBsAg. Keeping in view, the temporal relation to the past hepatitis B virus infection volume of the IgM antibody might help in distinguishing the real hepatitis B from non-B hepatitis causing in previously undetermined carriers of HBsAg. Many of the individuals having acute liver are likely to be screened as hepatitis B on finding HBsAg in the blood serum. To estimate the clinical value of Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen(AHBC)-IgM Test, this serum marker is calculated by radioimmunoassay. The sensitivity of this test in discriminating recent from past infection with hepatitis B virus is optimised using sera from a screened individual with true acute hepatitis B as well as from asymptomatic long term carriers of HBsAg.

What Is The Sample Required For AHBC IgM Test?

A blood sample drawn usually from a vein in the arm. It is recommended to collect a morning sample for the test. The test sample will be collected from your provided address. A team of test sample collector will reach your registered address in the reserved time slot.

Is There Any Test Preparation Needed For The Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen(AHBC)-IgM Test?

The Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen IgM Test doesn’t require any special test preparation.

Need Any Assistance For AHBC Test?

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AHBC Test Description
  • VOLUME: 1ml
  • NORMAL RANGE: < = 0.90 Equivocal : 0.91 – 1.10 Positive : > = 1.1