Anti Hepatitis C Virus (Anti HCV) – Total Test


About Anti HCV – Total Test

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is known for attacking the human liver. It destroys the liver by killing off healthy cells and eventually causes damage. The residue remains as a tough scar tissue behind and obstructs the liver from proper functioning. The Anti Hepatitis C Virus (Anti HCV)- Total test is used to diagnose an HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) infection. It guides the therapy and/or to monitor the treatment of an HCV infection.

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What Is An Anti Hepatitis C Virus (Anti HCV) – Total Test?

The test is performed to screen for and diagnose an HCV (hepatitis C virus) infection and to monitor treatment of the infection.

In the case of Hepatitis C infections, an increased risk of some other serious conditions develops:

  • Approximately 75-85% may develop chronic HCV infection.
  • Approximately 5-20% over 20 years of age may develop cirrhosis; recent studies show that almost 45% will eventually develop cirrhosis.
  • Approximately 1-5% of those chronically infected who develop cirrhosis or liver cancer shows death.

When Is The Anti Hepatitis C Virus (Anti HCV) Test Needed?

An Anti HCV test is needed for two purposes:

  • For screening purpose: A person having risk factors for any HCV infection.
  • For diagnosis: A person exposed to the hepatitis C virus, like coming in contact with infected blood, or having any symptoms related to the liver disease.
What Is The Sample Needed For The Anti HCV Test?

The test sample requires a small amount of blood which is drawn from the vein in the arm. The sample is collected from the doorstep.

Is There Any Preparation Needed For The Anti HCV Test?

The Anti HCV test doesn’t require any test preparation.