Blood Element Analysis Profile


About Blood Element Analysis Test

Are you looking for Blood Element Analysis profile test in India? AreYouHealthy offers the Blood Element Analysis Profile test by Thyrocare at reduced rates. To book the test just fill your details in the alongside form and hit the SUBMIT button. Our team of sample collectors will reach your provided address in the reserved time slot. You need not to pay any amount at the time of booking. All the charges will be provided to the sample collector after they collect the required samples. Here are the Key Advantages of the Blood Element Analysis test.

It measures the essential as well as toxic elements such as lead, cadmium and uranium. The analysis is done by using ICP-MS Technology.

What Is Blood Element Analysis Profile Test?

The Blood Element Analysis Profile test by Thyrocare is a method that helps in measuring deficiencies, excesses imbalances in the levels of vital elements. It also measures the near past or ongoing exposure to specific toxic elements.

Whole blood analysis profile measures the levels of total elements that circulate extracellularly (serum/plasma) and intracellularly as well.

What Are The Issues Identified Using Blood Analysis Test?

The blood analysis profile test is a significant tool for detecting:

  • Renal (Kidney-related) and endocrine functions
  • Dietary adequacy
  • Excess or lack conditions
  • Gastrointestinal Integrity
  • Overall toxic element assessment

How To Make The Payment For Blood Element Analysis Profile Test?

We don’t charge before the sample collection is performed. You will be paying all the amount to the person visiting your location for the sample collection.

Need Any Assistance?

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Short Test Description
  • VOLUME: 2ml
  • NORMAL RANGE: < 5.00 µg/l