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About Cystatin C Test

  • To book a Cystatin C test anywhere in India is now just a click away. Just fill the required details in the alongside form and tap the Submit button. Yes, you’re done with your part! Now, wait for the time slot you have booked the test for. The team of sample collector will reach your provided address.
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What Is Cystatin C Test?

Cystatin C is found in body fluids, including serum. It is a low weight cysteine proteinase inhibitor which is produced by all nucleated cells. The Cystatin C is formed at a uniform rate and fluently filtered by the kidneys. Its serum concentration is inversely correlated GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate), means GFR is low when the value is high and vice versa like creatinine. Although Cystatin C differs from Creatinine in terms of Renal Handling. Under normal conditions, Cystatin C is not found entering the final excreted urine. Infections generally do not affect the concentration of it. Neither it is affected by body mass, diet or drugs. In this way, Cystatin C can be considered to be the most reliable marker renal function (GFR) in comparison to creatinine.

How To Be Prepared For The Cystatin C Test?

  • You need not to be prepared especially for the Cystatin Test. You just need to inform us if you are on any type of medications. You will be instructed accordingly.
  • Worried about the test results? We will help you to understand.
  • The average value for the test is given below, which will help you to understand your test result.
  • MALE All Age Groups 0.6 – 1.42mg/ml
  • FEMALE All Age Groups 0.62 – 1.07mg/L

What Does The Cystatin C Test Result Mean?

  • If the Cystatin C level in the blood is higher than the average value that is a decrease in the GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate), its a threat toward kidney dysfunction.
  • The Cystatin C must remain at a steady level in the blood as it is produced at a uniform rate in the body and broken down by the kidney. According to the latest studies in medical science, increased levels of Cystatin C is an indication of Heart Disease, Heart Failure, and Mortality.
How Will Be The Cystatin C Test Performed?

The team of Sample Collector will reach the provided location. Just stay at the provided address in the booked time slot.

How To Make The Payment?

All the charges will be paid to the visiting sample collector. We don’t charge any extra amount apart from what is shown on your screen.

Cystatin C Test Description

  • UNITS: mg/L
  • VOLUME: 2ml
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