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About Free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

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What Is A Free PSA Test?

A free PSA test is also known to be a prostate-specific antigen test. This test is generally used for a confirmation of the evaluations derived from a PSA test. A PSA test is implemented to examine a person for the symptoms of prostate cancer. This is done by measuring the total amount of PSA levels in the blood. If the test result shows high levels of PSA in blood, then, there can be a lot of chances that you have a condition like inflamed or enlarged prostate, which is usually not so serious. But there are some chances that it can be because you might have prostate cancer. A free PSA test is mostly used as an alternative method of a biopsy to examine and detect prostate cancer. But still, a biopsy is needed if there is a presence of prostate cancer detected with a free PSA test.

How Is Free PSA Test Done?

A free PSA test is done by taking the blood serum. This can be easily done by a technician who will visit your residence and take the blood through a syringe from your arm and then send it to the laboratory for the blood sample analysis. After a few days, your test results will be sent to your provided email address.

What Is The Difference Between A PSA And Free PSA Test?

PSA is a substance that is generated in the prostate gland, and later on, it is released into the semen. Sometimes, these PSA passes into your bloodstream with the help of the high blood supply in the prostate. There are two types of PSA that are circulated in your body:

  • Free PSA: It is a PSA that is not bound to any of the proteins.
  • Bound PSA: It is a PSA that has bonded to the proteins.

Here a PSA Test measures the overall amount of PSA, i.e. bound and free PSA in the body. While in the case of a free PSA Test, it only unbounded PSA in the bloodstream.

Here Are The Quick Points To Understand The Working Of A Free PSA Test

  • The free prostate-specific antigen test or the free PSA test is used to help identify symptoms of prostate cancer.
  • A free PSA test is generally given after a total PSA test, to help doctors rule out cancer or to point out how far cancer has proceeded after treatment.
  • The test checks the level of unbound prostate-specific antigen in the blood. This could help doctors to diagnose issues like inflammation of the prostate or cancer.
  • Although in some cases, standard results from the test do not rule out prostate cancer.
  • Even if PSA levels are too low to reveal a problem, a person can still have prostate cancer.
  • Some people may also have increased levels of PSA without having cancer.
  • The test involves merely taking the blood sample, which is sent to a Thyrocare laboratory for analysis.
  • The free PSA test is typically used before a biopsy to provide initial confirmation of a doctor’s diagnosis.

Limitations of A PSA testing

PSA testing has a lot of constraints:

  • The PSA test is well-known to have a significant rate of false positives.
  • It’s not unusual for a man to have prostate cancer when his PSA is below the limits that indicate there might be cancer.
  • About 75 percent of men who have an increased PSA do not have cancer.
  • There can be modifications in PSA levels if different lab tests or technicians use different testing methods.

Are Free PSA Tests Accurate?

  • A low free PSA level generally indicates a risk of prostate cancer.
  • Free PSA ranges may vary, but in general, a higher ratio of free PSA to total PSA is good for an individual’s health.
  • In case the ratio of free to total PSA is between 0 and 10 per cent, the possibility of having cancer may be as lofty as 56 per cent.

Once you book the test, you will get a confirmation call from Thyrocare. An executive from Thyrocare will reach your place at the selected time slot and collect the sample. After the sample collection process, you’re required to pay the amount to the executive.

Free PSA Test Short Description

  • UNITS: ng/ml
  • VOLUME: 1ml
  • NORMAL RANGE: < 0.50 ng/ml