Leptospira IgM Test



Leptospira IgM Test In India

The Leptospira-IgM test is intended to be utilised as an aid for the screening of acute or recent leptospirosis because of infection with Leptospira species.

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What Is Leptospira-IgM Test?

Leptospira IgM Antibodies test is a blood analysis to estimate the amount of antibody produced by our body in response to Leptospira. Leptospira is a bacteria that lead to high fever, body pain, vomiting and bleeding. The test results help the doctor relate our fever as well as other symptoms with Leptospira infection.

This test is known as a qualitative immunoblot test for identifying IgM-class antibodies to Leptospira species.

The transient IgM immune response may vary among patients. Hence, a negative result by this assay should not be used to ignore the screening, especially in an individual with symptoms pointing to leptospirosis who has an appropriate exposure history.

The Leptospira-IgM test does not distinguish between acute or recent infection. Clinical correlation is needed. Patients can stay in seropositive for months to sometimes years following resolution of infection; Hence, this test cannot be utilised to establish a cure or response to therapy.

What Is The Specimen Required For The Leptospira-IgM Test?

The Leptospira-IgM test requires a test sample as blood serum. The test sample is collected from your registered address in the reserved time slot.

Is Fasting Required For The Leptospira-IgM Test Sample Collection?

The test specimen can be collected anytime the day. The Leptospira-IgM test doesn’t require fasting before sample collection.

When Will Be The Test Results Provided?

The test reports are emailed within 2-3 days after the test specimen collection. We also send the hard copy of the test reports on request. This will charge you an extra of Rs. 75/-.

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Leptospira IgM Test Description

  • VOLUME: 1ml