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About Toxo Gondii-IgG Test

Toxo Gondii-IgG test is used to detect an infection caused by a parasite. The name of the infection is toxoplasmosis. This infection is found in intestines of animals such as pigs and cats. This test will determine the presence of serum antibodies in the blood. Serum antibodies are produced when the parasite infects the body. The number and type of antibodies will indicate the recent infection and past infections. Toxoplasmosis infection cause cysts in the body. If the immune system is quite good enough, it will not cause any problem. The problem will arise to those people who have a terrible immune system.

Toxo gondii-IgG test is ordered if you are pregnant and have toxo gondii antibodies in the body. Alternatively, the second reason might be that the baby has toxoplasmosis. During pregnancy, if the woman is infected by infection, there’s a possibility that the baby is also being affected. To check the possibility, we need to perform some tests. Tests are ultrasound and amniocentesis.

Sign Of Toxoplasmosis:

  • Headache
  • Bodyache
  • Fever
  • Feeling tired
  • Swollen lymph nodes.

Infection Can Be Acquired By:

  • Transmission from mother to child.
  • By drinking contaminated water.
  • By eating contaminated food( raw and uncooked meat).
  • By drinking unpasteurised milk.
  • Having contact with contaminated soil.
  • By handling contaminated cat litter.

To book Toxo gondii-IgG test call us on +917289-87-6363. We offer online booking also. For online booking, fill-up the on page form by giving personal details. Our assistance will call you after we receive the booking form. We will call you to confirm the date and time for an appointment. The payment can be paid to our agent after home sample collection. The test result will be updated in 2-3 working days.

Toxo Gondii IgG Test Description

  • UNITS: OD Ratio
  • VOLUME: 1ml

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