Veg Non Veg Allergy Panel Test

24 Tests | Rs 2799 | Blood Test Only | Fasting Not Needed
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Veg & Non Veg
    1. Veg & Non Veg (24)
      1. Beef
      2. Broccoli
      3. Cabbage
      4. Carrot
      5. Chicken Meat
      6. Crab
      7. Duck Meat
      8. Fish (Cod)
      9. Lettuce
      10. Lobster
      11. Mutton
      12. Onion
      13. Pork
      14. Potato
      15. Pumpkin
      16. Salmon
      17. Sardine
      18. Shrimp
      19. Spinach
      20. Sweet Pepper
      21. Sweet Potato
      22. Tomato
      23. Tuna
      24. Turnip

The “Veg Non Veg Allergy Panel Test” offered by Redcliffelab is a panel designed to test for allergies to various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items.The tests included in this panel aim to identify specific food items that may trigger allergic reactions in individuals. Here’s a breakdown of the tests included in this panel:

Significance of the Package: The “Veg Non Veg Allergy Panel Test” is designed to help individuals identify specific food items that they might be allergic to. Allergic reactions to food can vary in severity and can range from mild discomfort to severe reactions that require immediate medical attention. Identifying food allergies can help individuals make informed dietary choices and avoid foods that might trigger allergic reactions. If you suspect that you have food allergies, this panel can provide valuable information to discuss with your healthcare provider. It’s important to note that the interpretation of these test results and any necessary follow-up should be guided by a medical professional.

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Trees Allergy Panel Test

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